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Who We Are

Elegance, Simplicity, Strength

Big Wood Timbercraft Ltd. is an Edmonton based residential framing contractor specializing in traditionally handcrafted timber frames. Our authentic frames are constructed with tightly fitting mortise and tenon style joinery that is elegant and robust. We are proud to carry on an ancient artisan craft that brings the beauty of wood to life in a dramatic way!


What We Do

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Contract Timber Framing

Design   -   Manufacture   -   Delivery   -   Assembly 

Timber framing is a traditional method of building with heavy timbers, creating structures using carefully fitted and joined timbers with joints secured by large wooden pegs. This time tested heritage style offers character and charm while preserving the integrity of the structure for generations.


Our craftsmanship results in structures radiating enduring strength, rich history and a kind of quiet elegance. Each creation becomes a truly remarkable work of art. If you have an affinity to wood and an appreciation for the craftsmanship and art of traditional timber frame construction then Big Wood Timbercraft may be a good fit for your project.


  • Outbuildings: sheds, small barns, greenhouses, pavilions, pergolas, gazebos, garages

  • Cabins / Small home frames (frame only)

  • Timber frame furniture / micro projects: beds, chairs, tables, benches, desks

Along with our core manufacturing services we offer design, delivery, and assembly options for our smaller projects. When things get a bit bigger we offer professional referrals. Recommending out of house architects, engineers and contractors guarantees that you are getting the industry's best specialized professionals at the most competitive prices.


We're not a large company at Big Wood Timbercraft but we stand by the excellence of our work and honour the friendships that ultimately come along with our services. If you’re looking for professional timber framing, please get in touch for your free consultation.​


Project Gallery

Timber Frame Entryway

Candle Lake - Saskatchewan 

18x24 Open Air Pavilion

Elko - British Columbia

Decorative Timber Corbels

Fernie - British Columbia

Timber Farmhouse Table

Edmonton - Alberta 

Interior Timber Accent

Edmonton - Alberta 

Spiral Staircase

Golden - British Columbia

Decorative Timber Truss

Lake Wabamun - Alberta

Timber Frame Pergola

Southview - Alberta


18x24 Timber Pavilon

"It’s an awesome structure! Highly recommend Big Wood Timbercraft Ltd.!"

~ Chris Lougheed ~

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